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Hours of Availability

Who Can Use Chat?

Help Desk Chat is intended for University of Georgia students, faculty, staff, and affiliates.

Appropriate Use

Questions should be computer related, pertaining to core EITS systems and services available at the University of Georgia. Questions of a complex nature are not conducive to chat reference. Please consider using e-mail or telephone for in-depth assistance so we can devote an appropriate amount of time to your question. Chat reference sessions may be terminated and the users banned for inappropriate or rude language; harassment of any kind; or repeated off-topic questions. Users of this service are expected to comply with the University of Georgia Policies on Use of Computers.


Passing private information (such as Social Security Number, Date of Birth, PIN number, or current passwords) via chat is strongly discouraged. EITS Help Desk will not ask for this information in a chat session.


Questions submitted to Help Desk Chat are archived by the EITS Help Desk for internal research and training purposes in a secure, password protected environment. To benefit other users of the service, we may add your question to our public website. If we do so, we will remove all personally identifiable information. The EITS Help Desk maintains strict confidentiality and does not share e-mail addresses or other personal information of Help Desk Chat users with any other organization. EITS Help Desk reserves the right to remove the chat service at any time without prior notice.

Please visit the EITS Help Desk website for assistance.


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